Past Bangor Colloquia on Medieval Wales

The first Bangor Colloquium on Medieval Wales was held in Bangor in October 2002, and it has been followed by similar conferences every two years since then. This is the only conference dedicated specifically to the field, and its aim is to provide a platform for research on all aspects of medieval Welsh history, including literature and material culture. Papers are given by research students as well as established scholars, and the conference offers everyone who is interested in medieval Wales an opportunity to meet. So far speakers have come from Austria, England, Ireland, Poland, Scotland, Turkey, the USA, and Wales.

Since 2010 the Colloquium has been coupled with the J. E. Lloyd Lecture on medieval Welsh history, one of Bangor University’s Public Lectures, established in honour of the author of the pioneering A History of Wales from the Earliest Times to the Edwardian Conquest (1911) and Professor of History at Bangor from 1899 to 1930.

The first Colloquium was organized by Huw Pryce, and subsequent conferences have been organized by him and other colleagues in Bangor, namely Sue Johns, Peredur Lynch, Kate Olson, Euryn Rhys Roberts and Owain Wyn Jones.